1:35 Kingtiger Late Production

w/New Pattern Track (Ardennes 1944)

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1:35 Kingtiger Late Production Dragon
1:35 Kingtiger Late Production Dragon 1:35 Kingtiger Late Production Dragon
Cena s DPH : 1 399,- CZK
DPH:21 %


New-Tooled Parts:
Kgs 73/800/152 track link
18-teeth Sprockets
New Gun Shield
Road wheel

Special Features:
Additional 18-teeth sprocket
Two kinds of gun shield for option
New-designed photo-etched parts
Metal cable wire
Cartograf decal

Volksgrenadier x 4
Aluminum barrel
Brass 88mm ammunition

About the Battle of the Bulge:
The German Ardennes Offensive starting in late December 1944, popularly known as the Battle of the Bulge, was the last major German offensive on the Western Front in World War II. It was intended that the German army would split the Allied line in half, capture Antwerp, sweep north and encircle and destroy four Allied armies, thus forcing them to negotiate for peace.

Although unsuccessful, it nevertheless tied down huge amounts of Allied resources, and a slow response to the resulting gap in their lines erased months from their timetable. An alternative analysis is that the offensive allowed the Allies to severely deplete the cream of German army outside the defenses of the West Wall and in poor supply state, greatly easing the assault on Germany afterward. In numerical terms, it is the largest battle the United States Army has ever fought.

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